IronMan's Male Celebrity Fakes

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Sorry for the lack of posts lately, time is not my friend. I've had no free time and only had time to do those Survivor fakes tonight because some plans I had fell through at the last minute and I made myself sit at the
computer for a few hours instead of goofing off like I wanted too.

Theres lots of new fakes I would like to do like Star-Crossed & the 100 and the new season of DWTS. James Maslow is unbelievably hot, if you didn't see his Salsa, do you self a favor and find the video on line, you won't be sorry!!!. also some Glee fakes, loved the 2part 100th episode, felt like a perfect series finale to me, only watched the last 4 episodes this season so I'm glad to just end on that last great episode. Also
a new season of the Real World Challenge is about to start and I always like to fake those.

Hopefully will get back to faking regularly soon, also have to upgrade my computer though. Thanks to everyone who continues to visit!

Survivor CaGAYan

SO I'm watching Survior this season, mainly because theres a hot Asian dude on, the theme is Brains Vs. Brawn VS. Beauty. The big body builder looking guy (who was on the brain tribe for some unknown reason) proved to be one of the stupidest players in Survivor history and got voted out immediatley, but all the other hot guys are still there for once, probably quit watching if Woo dosen't make it to the end though.

Woo loves to ride cock

LJ fucks Woo

Jeremiah & Woo sandwich Spencer

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Dance Academy Boys part 2

Ben (Thomas Lacey) rams Christian (Jordan Rodrigues) with a giant dildo

Sammy ( Tom Green) has some dildo fun of his own

Christian fucks Ethan (Tim Pocock)

Catching up with the Fosters

Jesus (Jake T. Austin) has been taking sexy selfies

Maia Mitchell's Teen Beach Movie Co-StarGarrett Clayton has been appearing as Chase

Chase fucks Jesus

and sadly it appears golden maned Wyatt (Alex Saxon) is gone from the show

Brandon (David Lambert) fucks Wyatt

Brandon & his dildo

Monday, February 24, 2014

Back on TV Tonight Dallas

one of my very favorite shows is back! with the delicious Jesse Metcalfe & Josh Henderson

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Caper boys

Down on their luck super heroes Dagr (Hartley Sawyer) & Luke (Harry Shum Jr) take a break from their strenuous TV watching to do a little fucking.