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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Power Rangers Full Series Run Down

I wanted to have a full team fuck pic for all the Power Rangers series so there are new fakes for the original Might Morphin Power Rangers, Operation Overdrive, Samurai & Megaforce and repost for all the rest
to gather them all together

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

     -it's the 2nd Black Ranger Adam's (Johnny Yong Bosch) turn to get gangbanged at the regular Power Rangers reunion by 2nd Red Ranger Rocky (Steve Cardenas), the Green and later White Ranger Tommy (Jason David Frank), the 1st Red Ranger Jason (Austin St.John), the Blue Ranger Billy (David Yost) and the 1st Black Ranger Zack (Walter Jones)

Zeo Rangers

Turbo Rangers

Space Rangers

Lost Galaxy Rangers

Lightspeed Rescue Rangers

Time Force Rangers

Wild Force Rangers

Ninja Storm Rangers

Dino Thunder Rangers

SPD Rangers

Mystic Force Rangers

Operation Overdrive Rangers

     -Red Ranger Mack (James Maclurcan) rides Black Ranger Will (Samuell Benta), while Blue Ranger Dax (Gareth Yuen) rides Mercury Ranger Tyzonn (Dwayne Cameron)

Jungle Fury Rangers

RPM Rangers

Samurai Rangers

    -Red Ranger Jayden (Alex Heartman) fucks Green Ranger Mike (Hector David Jr.), while Bule Ranger Kevin (Najee De-Tiege) fucks Gold Ranger Antonio (Steven Skyler)

Megaforce Rangers

    -Red Ranger Troy (Andrew Gray) rides Black/Green Ranger Jake (Azim Rizk), while the SIlver Ranger Orion (Cameron Jebo) rides Blue Ranger Noah (John Mark Loudermilk)

Dino Charge Rangers
Ninja Steel Rangers



  1. Congratulations on a really great series, which also helped me sort out who was who. Being bi, I also have some boy/girl fakes, which can be just as hot, but gay is good.

  2. I can't believe how few people comment on your excellent fakes. I know from comments elsewhere that many fans you have, so it's a pity more don't take the time to comment. However, don't worry - your work is much admired.

  3. Great Work! also please please please do some more Challenge/Real World fakes!!

  4. Can you do Austin St. John and Chris Violette