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Monday, May 20, 2013

Jake Silbermann loves dick

when he played Noah on As the World Turns, Jake fucked with all his co-stars

including Van Hansis, his onscreen boyfriend Luke

his doctor Reid played by Eric Sheffer Stevens

and his professor Mason played by Forbes March


  1. Don't know the men (I live in the UK), but excellent fakes. Could you please re-do the first one with Jake T Austin fucking screen brother David Henrie? Hottest duo ever!

  2. This is the best blog EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Chris C. December 10, 2013 at
    Can You Make Fakes of Soap Opera Men:
    1. Joshua Morrow(The Young and the Restless)
    2. Steve Burton(The Young and the Restless)
    3. Scott Reeves(Ex-The Young and the Restless/Ex-General Hospital/Ex-Days Of Our Lives)
    4. Rick Hearst(Ex-Days Of Our Lives/Ex-Guiding Light/ex-The Young and the Restless/Ex-The Bold and the Beautiful/Ex-General Hospital)
    5. Thad Luckinbill(Ex-The Young and the Restless)
    6. Cameron Mathison(Ex-All My Children)
    7. Aiden Turner(Ex-All My Children)
    8. Thorsten Kaye(Ex-All My Children/Ex-One Life To Live/Ex-Port Charles/The Bold and the Beautiful)
    9. David Fumero (Ex-One Life To Live)
    10. Kamar De Los Reyes(Ex-One Life To Live)
    11. Brandon Barash(Ex-Johnny Zacchara, General Hospital)
    12. Maurice Benard(General Hospital)
    13. Sean Blakemore(General Hospital)
    14. Ingo Rademacher(General Hospital)
    15. Sebastian Roche(General Hospital)
    16. William DeVry(General Hospital)
    17. Bryan Craig(General Hospital)
    18. Chad Duell(General Hospital)
    19. Jacob Young(The Bold and the Beautiful/Ex-General Hospital/Ex-All My Children)
    20. Justin Bruening(Ex-All My Children)
    21. Daniel Cosgrove(Ex-All My Children/Ex-Guiding Light)
    22. Murray Bartlett(Ex-Guiding Light)
    23. Kane Manera(Ex-Guiding Light)
    24. Tuc Watkins(Ex-One Life To Live)
    25. Mark Lawson(Ex-One Life To Live)
    26. David A. Gregory(Ex-One Life To Live)
    27. Hunt Block(Ex-All My Children/Ex-Guiding Light/Ex-As The World Turns)
    28. Morgan Englund(Ex-Guiding Light)
    29. Tom Pelphrey(Ex-Guiding Light/Ex-As The World Turns)
    30. Jeff Branson(Ex-All My Children/Ex-Guiding Light/Ex-The Young and the Restless)
    31. Brandon Beemer(Ex-The Bold and the Beautiful/Ex-Days Of Our Lives)
    32. Jason Cook(Ex-Days Of Our Lives/Ex-General Hospital)
    33. Shawn Christian(Ex-As the World turns/Ex-Days Of Our Lives)
    34. Galen Gering(Ex-Passions/Days Of Our Lives)
    35. Eric Martsolf(Ex-The Young and the Restless/Ex-General Hospital/Days Of Our Lives)
    36. Jay Kenneth Johnson(Ec-Days Of Our Lives)
    37. John Enos III(Ex-The Young and the Restless)
    38. David Shark Fralick(Ex-The Young and the Restless)
    40. Eric Steinberg(Ex-The Young and the Restless)
    41. Don Diamont(Ex-Days Of Our Lives/Ex-The Young and the Restless/Ex-The Bold and the Beautiful)
    42. Michael E. Knight(Ex-All My Children)
    43. Michael Lowry(Ex-All My Children/Ex-One Life To Live/Ex-As The World Turns)
    44. Carl Tye Evans(Ex-Guiding Light/Ex-As The World Turns)
    45. James DePaiva(Ex-One Life To Live)
    47. Nick Kokotakis(Ex-As The World Turns)
    48. Roy Eudon(Ex-As The World Turns)
    49. Christian LeBlanc(The Young and the Restless)
    50. Robert Newman(Ex-Guiding Light)
    51. Jordan Clarke(Ex-Guiding Light)
    52. Bradley Cole(Ex-Guiding Light/Ex-General Hospital)
    53. Robert Kelker-Kelly(Ex-Another World/Ex-Days Of Our Lives/Ex-General Hospital)
    54. Jonathan Jackson(Ex-General Hospital)
    55. Nathan Parsons(Ex-General Hospital)
    56. Scott Bryce(Ex-As The World Turns)
    57. Scott Clifton(Ex-General Hospital/Ex-One Life To Live/The Bold and the Beautiful)
    58. Adam Gregory(The Bold and the Beautiful)
    59. Winsor Harmon(The Bold and the Beautiful)
    60. Peter Reckell(Ex-Days Of Our Lives/Ex-Knots Landing)
    61. Grant Show(Ex-Ryan's Hope/Ex-Melrose Place)
    62. Victor Webster(Ex-Days Of Our Lives/Ex-Melrose Place)
    63. Antonio Sabato, Jr.(Ex-General Hospital/Ex-The Bold and the Beautiful)
    64. Tyler Christopher(General Hospital)
    65. Sean Kanan(Ex-The Bold and the Beautiful/Ex-The Young and the Restless/General Hospital)
    66. Darin Brooks(Ex-Days Of Our Lives/The Bold and the Beautiful)
    67. Lawrence St. Victor(Ex-Guiding Light/The Bold and the Beautiful)
    68. Texas Battle(The Bold and the Beautiful)
    69. Vincent Irizarry(Ex-Guiding Light/Ex-Santa Barbara/Ex-All My Children)
    70. Brandon Buddy(Ex-One Life To Lives)
    71. Casey Jon Deidrick(Ex-Days Of Our Lives)
    72. Nathan Owens(Ex-Days Of Our Lives)
    73. Matthew Ashford(Ex-Days Of Our Lives)
    74. Casey Moss(Days Of Our Lives)
    75. Josh Taylor(Days Of Our Lives)
    76. Chris Engen(Ex-The Young and the Restless)