IronMan's Male Celebrity Fakes

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Top 20 Men of Iron Man's Male Celebrity Fakes

I'm one of those people who loves useless statistics, so here's a year end list of the most faked men on Iron Man's Male Celebrity Fakes

# 1 - Cory Montieth -Finn Hudson on Glee - 55 Fakes

Montieth was defiantly the heart of Glee & will be greatly missed. Rest in Peace Cory

# 2 - Harry Shum Jr. -Mike Chang on Glee -53 fakes

My favorite "other Asian" and probably my biggest crush of the last several years Shum has it all a great personality, amazing moves, and of course, the Abs. He's one I'll defiantly follow into what ever project he does next, including his up coming web series Caper.

# 3 - Mark Salling -Puck on Glee -52 Fakes

Glee's original Hunk du jour, Salling's absence from the show is one reason I'm absent from watching

# 4 - Chord Overstreet -Sam Evans on Glee -46 Fakes

You gotta love Trouty Mouth, the continued exploitation of Overstreet's hot bod is the reason I still record Glee, just to fast forward to his skin scenes.

# 5 - Matthew Morrison -Will Schuester on Glee -43 fakes

Remember when Glee was ABOUT Will Schuester, now his character is completely marginalized, but Glee's "daddy" (despite being only a few years older than most of the actors) is still one hot commodity

# 6 - Paul Wesley -Stefan Salvatore on the Vampire Diaries -36 Fakes

I've always preferred the good guys over the bad boys, which is one reason I'm team Stefan and not team Damon. Another reason is Wesley's sculpted bod and soulful eyes and even his much joked about hair. Hopefully now that he's back on the market (he's recently divorced from Torey DeVitto) he'll be putting that bod back on display on the Vampire Diaries.

# 7 -Blake Jenner -Ryder Lynn on Glee -29 Fakes

Jenner rises to 7th place I think because of being on both Glee & the Glee Project, I loved his bromace with hottie Michael Weisman on the Glee Project, but never expected Jenner to actually win. While I don't care for his character Ryder on Glee, it's still great to get to see Jenner on display, now if they would just bring Michael on to the show I might start watching again!

# 8 - Darren Criss -Blaine Anderson on Glee - 27 Fakes

This is the surprising one to me, I'm really not that into Criss. The way they grease him down in Glee ruins his attractiveness and the way the character is written does nothing to help. Still there's no denying Criss's talent as a singer, and I guess he's so central to pretty much every storyline on Glee he inspired more Fakes than I would have thought.

# 9 - Mark Ballas -pro dancer on Dancing with the Stars -also 27 fakes

Ballas was my number one crush for many years, he's fallen from that post in recent years as he gets all tatted up, but guys who can move really do it for me.

# 10 -Jacob Artist -Jake Puckerman on Glee -26 fakes

Artist is sex on a stick, and really the only new (post season  3) character on Glee I really like, again it's probably all because he's got the moves

# 11 - Zach Roerig -Matt Donovan on the Vampire Diaries -also 26 fakes

I've loved Zach since his days on As the World Turns, and he's the reason I first watched the Vampire Diaries and became hooked, despite the fact his character is criminally underused.

# 12 - Tyler Posey - Scott McCall on Teen Wolf -25 fakes

Part of the reason I love Teen Wolf so much is because of the character of Scott, a true hero who selflessly tries to protect everyone whether they deserve it or not. Posey embodies the character wonderfully, this show is the new Buffy for me

# 13 - Samuel Larsen -Joe Hart on Glee - 24 fakes

Sexy with and without the dreads, Larsen won the first season of the Glee Project, but has now disappeared from the show without ever really being given a chance to shine, but it seems his modeling career has taken off in the process.

# 14 - Ian Somerhalder -Damon Salvatore on the Vampire Diaries -also 24 fakes

I first ran across Somerhalder in a little summer series called Young Americans and have followed him ever since from his gay role in Rules of Attraction to Lost and now to the Vampire Diaries, while I'm no Damon fan, I'll always be a Somerhalder fan.

# 15 - Derek Hough -pro dancer on Dancing with the Stars -22 fakes

sometimes I like Hough, sometimes I don't. He's one of the few celebs I truly believe is in the closet in some way, and I think he defiantly gets preferential treatment on Dancing with the Stars, but he's sexy none the less

# 16 - Steven R. McQueen -Jeremy Gilbert on the Vampire Diaries -20 fakes

I've always liked McQueen, but love him even more now that he's become a gym rat and regularly posts pics and videos of himself working out. He's also campaigning to play the role of Nightwing on Arrow, hope he gets it and adds to that shows already overflowing studliness

# 17 -Michael Trevino -Tyler Lockwood on the Vampire Diaries -19 fakes

I'm not sure of Trevino's status in the Vampire Diaries world, he's only appeared briefly on this season then popped up on the spin off the Originals and promptly disappeared again, hopefully Tyler will return to our TV screens soon.

# 18 - Tyler Hoechlin - Derek Hale on Teen Wolf -18 fakes

poor Derek , despite his incredible physique he just can't do anything right, maybe that will change when Teen Wolf returns Monday January 6th

# 19 -Daniel Sharman -Isaac Lahey on Teen Wolf -also 18 fakes

Sharman is the very definition of adorable & I love his character of Isaac, which of course means he's pretty much the most tortured character on the show. Now that he lives with Scott on the show, my imagination runs wild.

# 20 -Keahu Kahuanui -Danny Mahealani on Teen Wolf - 17 Fakes

One thing all Teen Wolf fans seem to agree on is Everybody loves Danny, and wants to see more of him on the show, a recurring characters since season one, Danny has always been on the edge of all the strange happenings in Beacon Hills, surely now that his boyfriend is twin alpha wolf Ethan (Charlie Carver) Danny will discover whats going on.

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  1. Excellent list. I must confess to preferring 'Damon' over 'Stefan', who is too much of a wimp, and SRM is a cutie - even more so with a sleeker, more muscled body - I must check out his workout pics.