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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

My As the World Turns Slash Fiction

So waaay back in 08/09 when Nuke was at it's height I wrote a series of As the World Turns slash stories

My As the World Turns Stories

which of course included

Luke (Van Hansis) & Noah (Jake Silbermann)

but also my biggest crush Noah getting fucked by both Dusty (Grayson McCouch)

& Brad (Austin Peck)

Detectives Jack Snyder (Michael Park) & Dallas Griffin (Wole Parks) as a couple who come out

Casey (Zach Roerig) remembering his love affair with Will (Jesse Lee Soffer)

but then Casey (Billy Magnussen) being reunited with prison cellmate Matt O'Connor (Eric William Morris)

& Aaron (Agim Kaba) making something of a boyfriend out of Gwen's scumbag brother Cole Norbeck (Chris Heuisler)

but also being lusted after by his enemy Chris Hughes (Dylan Bruce) fucking him out by the Snyder pond

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