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Saturday, July 5, 2014

Power Rangers Project

So I've set out to try and fake all the different Power Ranger teams. I've already done the original rangers, Samurai Rangers and Megaforce Rangers in the past. This post will add Zeo Rangers, Lightspeed Rescue Rangers & Operation Overdrive. That still leaves Lost Galaxy, In Space, Jungle Fury, Ninja Storm, Dino Thunder, SPD, RPM, Wild Force, Time Force & Mystic Force! Finding usable images is time consuming, and I have to find old porn images too, since image quality is so much higher nowadays but making progress! Hope there are lots of Power Ranger fans out there.

Zeo Rangers

Gold Ranger Jason (Austin St. John) fucks Red Ranger Tommy (Jason David Frank), while Blue Ranger Rocky (Steve Cardenas) fucks his best bud Green Ranger Adam (Johnny Yong Bosch)

Lightspeed Rescue

Red Ranger Carter (Sean Cw Johnson) & Blue Ranger Chad (Michael Chaturantabut) fuck Green Ranger Joel (Keith Robinson) & Titanium Ranger Ryan (Rhett Fisher)

Operation Overdrive

Black Ranger Will (Samuell Benta) fucks Red Ranger Mack (James Maclurcan)

then Mack gets sandwiched between Mercury Ranger Tyzonn (Dwayne Cameron) & Blue Ranger Dax (Gareth Yuen)


  1. What a fantastic collection; very well done, as always.

  2. Hah, these are great cant wait to see more

  3. Thank you so much, these are so wonderful~! :) I just can't wait to see more, we still have some left: MMPR, In Space, Lost Galaxy, Wild Force, Ninjastorm, Dino Thunder..., oh my gosh, you make me so excited~! whooo~ hooo~! :)

  4. more fakes of all power rangers series please.

  5. more fakes of all power rangers please