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Friday, March 20, 2015

Tonight Series Finale of Glee

Tonight's the night, after 6 seasons of highs & lows, music, laughter, craziness, real life tragedy,
Brittany-isms and of course hot guys and Harry Shum Jr's abs, Glee takes its final bow. 

and in my fakers world, the guys all get together for one last fuckfest
Alistair rides Mike, Puck fucks Brody, Matt fucks Jake, Jesse fucks Blaine, Spencer rides Mr. Schue, Mason fucks Ryder, Sam fucks Artie & Rory fucks Joe.


  1. Very clever ensemble. I couldn't stand the show, despite its heart being in the right place, but I know a lot of people liked it. The fakes have been hot, and those I have enjoyed.

  2. A shame glee came to an least the hot boys can end off on a great note. Nice work