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Monday, July 21, 2014

Power Rangers Dino Thunder + Bonus

Finally the only Power Rangers group I have not faked, the Dino Thunder Rangers

Black Dino Ranger Dr. *snicker* Tommy Oliver (Jason David Frank) fucks Trent, the White Dino Ranger (Jeffrey Parazzo) while Red Ranger Conner (James Napier) fucks Blue Ranger Ethan (Kevin Duhaney)

in my endless search for power rangers images I ran across this post on tumblr

that inspired these fakes

Rocky (Steve Cardenas) fucks Adam (Johnny Yong Bosh)

Mike (Hector David Jr.) rides Kevin (Najee De-Tiege)

and in my endless search for group images, I found a few that inspired some redo's

Power Rangers Lost Galaxy

Damon (Reggie Rolle) rides Leo (Danny Slavin), while Mike (Russell Lawrence) fucks Kai (Archie Kao)

Power Rangers Ninja Storm

Shane (Pua Magasiva) jacks off while Hunter (Adam Tuominen) fucks Cam (Jason Chan) and his
bro Blake (Jorgito Vargas Jr.) fucks Dustin (Glenn McMillan)

and just because their super hot best buds Jayden (Alex Heartman) & Antonio (Steven Skyler) fuck


  1. thank you so much for these news, I was afraid that we're out of the optionsfor Power Rangers~! :) thank you!

  2. This is a really great series, much enjoyed. I never knew there were so many variations. Very well done.

  3. Please do boys a few men from general hospital. Thanks