IronMan's Male Celebrity Fakes

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Power Rangers Time Force & Turbo

the Quantum Ranger Eric {Daniel Southworth} fucks the Red Time Force Ranger Wes {Jason Faunt}, while Blue Ranger Lucas {Michael Copon} fucks Green Ranger Trip {Kevin Kleinberg}

it was going to skip Turbo since the only guys were Tommy and Adam who I had already faked, then
remembered they switch out early on with TJ & Carlos

Departing Turbo Rangers Green Ranger Adam {Johnny Yong Bosch} and Red Ranger Tommy {Jason David Frank} break in their replacements Carlos {Roger Velasco} & TJ {Selwyn Ward}


  1. Thank you so much~! it's really what I expected~! :) only Mystic Force, Jungle Fury & Dino Thunder left! I'll wait for yours! :)

  2. Please do jimmy Deshler and luke bryan fuckin. Thanks